Chongqing Storsack Jianfeng Plastic Industry Co.Ltd. in November 2004 by the German STORSACK Group and Chongqing Jianfeng Industrial Group jointly set up a joint venture. The company has two subsidiaries: Chongqing Storsack Lanfeng Chemical Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Storsack Jianfeng Container Bags Co., Ltd. "Storsack Jianfeng" is the world's most famous container brand, representing high quality and service, in the industry enjoy a high reputation, and many world-renowned enterprises to maintain long-term relationship.   The company operating range for the design, production and sales of flexible container bags, woven bags, woven cloth, sales of packaging materials, diesel exhaust gas treatment, packing liquid bags, container liner bags, plastic barrels and other products. Mainly used for food, building materials, chemicals, medicine and other powder, granular, bulk cargo and liquid goods packaging.   Chongqing Storsack Jianfeng Plastic Industry Co.Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise, Fuling District science and technology innovation enterprises, scientific and technological innovation institutions, technology and technology center, the company passed the ISO9001: 2008 "quality management system", ISO14001: 2004 " System "and FSSC22000" food safety management system "certification, made" industrial production permit "and" export dangerous goods packaging container quality permit ", with medicine, food grade plastic woven bags and flexible container production qualification. Access to more than 30 national patent technology, "Storsack" trademark was a well-known trademarks in Chongqing.   We are always responding to the changing needs of our customers with innovative and imaginative solutions that offer a wide range of high quality products as well as proven solutions and strive to create satisfaction beyond customer expectations. Chongqing Storsack Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. at any time waiting for your visit! Storsack Jianfeng Advantages:   My company's industry influence in the world's leading, in Europe and the United States and other developed countries and regions have a higher visibility. Has a wealth of technical reserves and production experience, customers can provide targeted packaging solutions. The company has high-clean standard 100,000 clean plant, the industry's first self-built microbial laboratory. Product implementation of the European standard EN1898: 2000, GB GB / T10454-2000 and ISO21898-2004 standard, all materials are added UV materials, including sewing thread. Has the most complete domestic testing equipment, including pressure testing machine, UV testing machine, tensile testing machine, conductive tester, metal detectors and so on. Product unique details of the treatment, Seiko secret agents, and strive to perfect, to ensure product quality to meet customer needs.

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